Monday, November 28, 2011

November 2011 update - ($165,000, + $9,000 or +5,3%)

I achieved  my annual savings goal - $ 40, 000 accumulated! At the moment I keep them in EUR and following my diversification and asset reallocation idea I will invest them at the beginning on the next year.

No striking good results, but I am on target.
#1 The stock has not been performing that amazingly, I just completely forgot that I asked some time ago to re-invest all the dividends and quite recently I received a new statement. Number of stocks went up from 214 to 245.
#2 Stock market has been relatively stable last months, so the only change is additional money I put in (nearly $7,800) and the number of stocks went up.

Need to start thinking towards new goals and new challenges ahead and pick the investment vehicle.
I am still making my mind up where to invest the money.  I am a little bit weary to invest the money now. So I want to go through the January 2012 and then invest my money.


  1. I haven't been brave enough to invest in any currencies - I wonder if you have shared why you are doing that elsewhere on your blog?

  2. Hi FamilyMoneyValues! I hope the new post will address your question.