Sunday, January 29, 2012

Energy stocks screening

Energy Prices forecast:
mcf - hundreds cubic feet.

January 2012 Analysis major Oil Companies analysis:

 * Gazprom has big exposure to one country only - Russia

Monday, January 16, 2012

Is real estate (property) worth investing as rental income?

Is real estate (property) worth investing as rental income?

I would like to make on assumption in order to reduce uncertainty and number of plausible scenarios :  the  real estate price will be constant and appreciate at inflation rate and all received income will be invested in mutual fund to get average income.

I am considering buying a well positioned one bed room apartment – 750 square feet (68 m2)  with parking lot.

Initial cost $ 170, ooo,  the parking lot will cost additional $ 50,000.  The parking will improve occupancy rate and make it more attractive in busy center.

The apartment will be furnished, so additional $20,000 is required to buy the basics.  Total investment is $240,000 USD.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

- Accumulate at least $40,000 for investments during 2012, beginning  2013.
- Create feasible plan 10 year and review the priorities.
- Diversify the nest egg.
- Think about additional source of income.

- Regular monthly updates
- To cover  6 themes
I have no intentions to move towards an entertaining blog with 2-3 weekly posts.   I will endeavor my best efforts to stay on personal subject of financial independence.  

-  Create list of books to read  & read them- 12 books in minimum.
-  Publish reviews.
- Have solid understanding of mutual funds and energy sector stocks.

Family Budget:
- Stay under $75,000 with the family expenses
- Accumulate $7,000 towards durable goods replacement over 10 years.

Be happy.