Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Financial Independence Family Budget 2007 -2016

     This year I continue to analyse and publish our family budget.  Over the period of 8 years this helped us to understand better our expenses and more accurately plan our future.
     Tracking daily expenses takes no more than a few minutes a day. We are simply doing it in a spreadsheet.  More historical data helps to make sense of it, look at the inflation – actual and imaginary.
    For example, we have been renting out the same house for the last 5 years – home bills (energy, property taxes) cumulatively went up by 12%. As an observation - it is much more beneficial to stay in the same house when renting. Rent rate went by 4% over 5 years (once we moved out the property owner pushed it up by 12%, admittedly the house is still on the market 3 months later).

Financial independence family budget 2016-2007:
Financial independence family budget. True story -

Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 2016 update ($375,360 +$13,935 or +4%)

Gazprom shares went up by 13% or $14,715 for my portfolio.
Vanguard Emerging markets ETF went up  by 10% or $6,050.
Company shares went up by 4% or $814.
iShares core DAX wen up 3% or $545.
Vanguard Emerging markets ETF went up by $33.
GBP went up to USD by 4%, for my portfolio it is $1,788.
Grand total additions:  $23,945
iShares Emerging markets sovereign debt ETF (IEMB )  lost 4% or $960
Emerging markets corporate bond ETF (EMCR) lost 3% or $1,440
Precious metals are down by 3% or $285
EUR lost to USD 3%,  for my portfolio it is $7,324

Grand total losses:  $ 10,009