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First of all, thank you for visiting Financial Independence Blog (  I consider financial decisions among the most important.  I hope that by sharing my personal journey to financial independence, more people can start to make better personal finance decisions.

 Financial Independence Blog is free to all.   I don't receive anything from you nor promise anything to you, I disclaim any liabilities whatsoever from your decisions based influenced by this site. Furthermore, if you use any information in this web site in any manner, you automatically consent to the following rules:


Rule 1. Don't rely on anything in this website for your financial move. The materials on this web site have been prepared for informational purposes only and are not intended to be construed as financial advice. While I always make efforts to put each of my decisions into perspective in this blog, you should understand that rational financial decisions can only be based on each individual's personal situation, and by default you should assume most of my decisions may not work for you.

Rule 2. I am not your financial adviser. Reading this web site does not establish any kind of adviser-client relationship between us and I don't have fiduciary duty for anyone whatsoever. If you are uncomfortable making your own decisions, you should always go to a financial adviser for suggestions to your specific financial situation. I welcome your email (please use the contact form) but again, any email communications between us does not constitute any adviser-client relationship either.

Rule 3. I am not using this web site to promote anything. You should understand I may own shares or have financial interest in the companies, products, services or financial tools I discussed in this web site, but I have no intention to sell anything to you. If I discuss some products or services in this blog and make a recommendation, that's because I truly believe these products or services really provide meaningful value to ordinary consumers. If I will gain financial interest from a referral or alike, I will make efforts to disclose how much I will receive and in which manner to help you make a better decision. However, in no case can I guarantee the performance of every product and service I discuss, and I am not liable for any of your loss from trying these products or services.

Rule 4. Advertisement may appear at Financial Independence Blog ( The blog partially relies on certain advertisement income to offset certain expenses. All ads will be clearly marked. Financial Independence Blog ( does not endorse any advertisement. Please always use your best judgment while picking up financial products.

Rule 5. All rights are reserved. The original material on Financial Independence Blog ( is protected by copyright law and you cannot reuse or adapt the content in any manner without explicit written consent from me. If you want to discuss how to use content at Financial Independence Blog (, please contact me.


Thank you again and enjoy Financial Independence Blog (!

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