Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 2012 update ($190,700 +$2000 or +3,0%).

The portfolio changes:
I have managed to accumulate another  $6,600 towards my annual investment goal.
The energy company stock is down nearly 7% after adding the quarter dividends (or $600).
Emerging markets, depending on the equity fund lost from 20 to 14% of their value (or $5,600)
GBP exchange rate to USD is up nearly 4%, so for my savings it is up $3,000.
EUR exchange rate to USD is down 2.4%, so for my savings it is down $1,500.

I  have definitely somewhat relieved by the fact that I did not invest my cash in stock market in March as had planned.  The markets are somewhat volatile and are seemed to be on their peak. The thanks goes to my bank which delayed the paperwork processing due to their bureaucracy.

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