Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 2014 update ($274,320 -$30,940 or -10%)

Vanguard ETF gained 1,500 USD
Vanguard VOO gained 900 USD
Company shares gained 110 USD
Accumulated $8,000 USD as part of my annual savings goal.
Gold gained $530 USD
Grand total additions: $11,040

Gazprom shares lost 39,650 USD
Rosneft shares lost 1,930 USD
GBP lost towards USD and EUR. My loss is 400 USD.
Grand total losses: $41,980

-         Vanguard ETF & 500 Index continue to appreciate, while the dividends remain extremely low.  Its getting very unattractive to invest in them now.
-         Gazprom shares at the current prices will provide 5% annual just in  dividends, even going by the last year estimates (the dividends last year were 30% lower than previously). Fundamentally the company is very very cheap.
-         Gold is going up as investors are worrying and keep putting more money in to hedge against inflation.
-         Recent market volatility set me almost a year back in terms of size of the nest egg, while dividends remain the same.

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