Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 2016 update ($349,281 -$7,507 or -2%)

↑ Accumulated $4,000 USD as part of my annual saving goal for May.
↑ Received additional 12 company shares as part of the dividends reinvested (~ $275).
↑ Dividends Vanguard SPX500 – $ 280 USD  or 1.6% annually.
↑ Vanguard S&P500 is up by $499 USD
↑ Dividends - Emerging markets sovereign debt (iShares EM RMK SOUV BD) – $ 97 USD or 6% annually.
↑ GBP  is slightly recovered to USD - $ 478 USD or 1%
↑ Precisions metals are slightly up $98 USD - 1%.
↑ Emerging markets corporate bond ETF - $ 40 USD
Grand total additions:  $ 5,492 USD

↓ Vanguard emerging markets are down by $500 USD
↓ Gazprom shares are down $8,325 USD
↓ Company shares are down by $1,019 USD
↓ Rosneft  is down by $ 466 USD
↓ DAX composite ETF is down by $200 USD
↓ Emerging markets corporate bond index is down by $260 USD
↓ EUR is lost to USD about 1% or $2,145 USD
Grand total losses:  $ 12,915USD 

Financial independence - how to reach financial independence. May 2016 update

-         Main pull back are from Gazprom shares, as preliminary company indicated that it is going to pay 5.4% in annual dividends based on the current price (last year it was 7.2 RUB, this year is 7.89 RUB).  Which for my portfolio is about $6,000 USD. Speculators sold off the shares,  on the news. When the dividends will be pais together with ones from Rosneft I will reach my annual target of $ 8,000 USD.
-         Although oil price is recovering but ultimately there is a bit of glut in the oil storage all over the world, which adds uncertainty and questions how sustainable is it.
-         Even with this loss I am still on target with my annual target for net worth as $350 K USD.
-     In general there is concern that major economies are not growing any longer.  Politicians are spending a lot of time on anything rather than economy itself.

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