Friday, July 29, 2016

July 2016 update ($352,142 +$838 or +0%)

↑ Accumulated $4,000 USD as part of my annual saving goal for July.
↑ Vanguard emerging markets (VFEM) up by 693 USD
↑ Vanguard S&P500 is up by 2,310 USD
↑ iShares Core Dax is up by 1,100 USD
↑ Emerging markets sovereign bond index  (IEMB ) up by 300 USD
↑ Emerging markets corporate bond index  (EMCR) up by 680 USD
↑ Precious metals are up by 610 USD
↑ Dividends Vanguard Emerging markets  78 USD -  or 1.5% annually.
↑ Dividends Vanguard S&P500 – 250 USD or 1.8% annually.
↑ Dividends Emerging markets sovereign bond (IEMB ) – 90 USD or 4.2% annually.
↑ Dividends Emerging markets corporate bond index  (EMCR) -904 USD or 4% annually.
Grand total additions: $11,015 USD

↓ Gazprom shares are down by 5,500 USD
↓ Company shares are down by 1,118 USD
↓ Rosneft  are down by 231 USD
↓ EUR is down to USD by 1% for my EUR exposure it is 2,131 USD
↓ GBP is down to USD by 3% for  my GBP exposure it is 1,186 USD
Grand total losses:  $10,166
Financial independence - Update for July 2016

-         The UK referendum for independence resulted in further GBP loss to USD of 3%, but still it is relatively low effect on my portfolio.
-         As I have significant exposure to Energy sector it is generally follows oil & gas price. Consumers do not see any significant relief from fall in energy prices but shares do.  In spite of the bearish short term outlook, I believe the market is stable now.
-         Investors are keep chasing yield and pilling up in emerging markets and bonds.  This generate easily 4% a year vs. 0-2% developed markets.
-         Dividends this year are $2,100 USD  for the first 6 months of the year so far.   This will put me on target of $8,000 USD this year, as I expect boost from Gazprom of about $5,000 USD.  If I would reduce my exposure to cash I could probably get $10,000 USD in dividends next year.  This is also quite good observation - to get a sustainable passive income of $50,000 USD a year you would need $2 million invested in combination of emerging markets  bond and stock ETFs.  To stay in S&P500 this will require $3 million  invested. No wonder Millennials do not save or do very little.

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