Wednesday, September 13, 2017

August 2017 update ($448,991 +$1,333 or +0.3%)

Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up by 2,4% or $1,724
US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by 0.2% or $234
Grand total additions:  $1,958

Eurozone Stock Index Fund is down by 0.5% or $537
Global Small Cap Index is down by 0.1% or $88

Total loss: $625

Financial independence update August 2017

-          Emerging markets has been the leading investment so far in 2017, with Eurozone shares lost almost 1%  for the last 3 months. EU is still can not ascertain what to do without strong US leadership and steer how to live. 
-          I feel quite relieved with the amount of workload reduced, due to the investment consolidation.  I call this approach a “zero based”, i.e. starting from what is essential, decluttering or removing the rest.  Over the period of life time we accumulate different habits, routines which take up considerable time, money and effort without bringing a lot of benefits. This is time to de-clutter the life.
-          If my next egg continues to perform at 3% a year above inflation in 40 years, by the time I need to retire I will have $1 mln, generating $30K a year.  Its not a lot but better than most pensions. This assume I will do not additional contributions but also that I do not spend it all. This is not a financial independence I wanted by any stretch of imagination but I have 40 years to correct it.

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