Friday, February 2, 2018

January 2018 update ($512,019 +$38,753 or +8%)

Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up by 4 % or +$5,313
Eurozone Stock Index Fund is up  2.2 % or +$2,732
US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by 5.2% or $5,954
Global Small Cap Index is up by 4.2% or $4,699
EUR is up to USD by 3% or $6,450 for my portfolio.
Grand total additions:  $25,149
Additionally, I invested accumulated cash into one of the pension fund schemes (roughly $13,604).
Financial independence - January 2018 update

-          While reporting gains for January I feel pain of the February market correction (over 10% last couple of days). Although painful, I used this opportunity and invested money accumulated in my current pension fund (together with tax rebates on it).
-          I decided to invest in market outside of my current residence in EU (this is allowed by the rules) – in the UK. I think it has turbulent times ahead, but likely will end up being a tax heaven like Ireland. This come at a price, as FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) is heavily dominated by traditional U.K industries (Oil - 12%, Tobacco - 4.5% and local banks aiming to portrait themselves as international).  I will keep on my savings rate at $500 a month and do next investment in a year time. I was considering targeted Vanguard retirement fund but expense ratio is higher.
Fun fact:  Recently consulting a major western European company and as soon as you hit $200,000 salary region while based in Europe, your salary start being paid from Bermuda, Cayman Islands or other ones.  Current tax regime is such that most of the burden is carried by middle and below classes, not the rich or corporations.  Finally accounting department almost at every big firm achieved Enron aspiration – it does have profit and loses in itself.

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