Wednesday, December 5, 2018

November 2018 update ($470,844 +$4,176 or +0.9%)

Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up by $4,857 or 4.3%
US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by $10,741 or +10.0%
Grand total additions: $15,598

Eurozone Stock Index Fund is down by $785 or 6.5%
Global Small Cap Index is down by $7,927 or 6.9%
Vanguard FTSE U.K. All Share Index is down  by $269 or 1.3%
EUR is down to USD by $1,954 or 1.0%
GBP to USD is slightly down by $481 or 2.4%
Grand total losses: $11,422

The reporting time kept my spirit high. Two days later as while the politicians  were attending  George H.W. Bush funeral, the traders were shorting the market.

From year on year basis I will be lucky if by end of December I remain in black, in spite of  investing additional $21K into my private pension account this year.  The market is “a growth” market, as S&P500 does not generate about 2% a year in dividends. With my current assets allocation and “America First”, whatever gains there are in S&P500 the loss is in Eurozone and Emerging markets. 

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