Wednesday, April 7, 2021

March 2021 update ($727,304 +$17,677 or +%2.5)

Financial independence savings for last month $2,000
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up by $1,554 or +0.9%
Eurozone Stock Index Fund is down by $8,983 or +5.7%
US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by $9,645 or +5.9%
Global Small Cap Index is up by $2,524 or +1.7%
Growth fund is up by $952 or +1.5%
Grand total additions: $25,658 USD
EUR is down to USD by $7,511 or -2.1% for my portfolio
GBP is down to USD by $470 or -0.7% for my portfolio
Total losses: $7,981
March 2021 Financial Independence update


Looking at 12 months fluctuations – they do look incredible. Somebody who put $1 in March last year would gain at least 40% today…

For such volatility, I am thinking if the 4 percent rule is still applicable. Imagine, if I would take some money out in March 2020, I would lose quite a bit.
An additional risk if one is close to a retirement and would lose the job. It would be a real blow to the retirement plans, when you need to draw the money during pandemic.
Perhaps if one is in retirement need to consider a flexible approach where if portfolio sinks with the market, you need to curtail the spending.

Its funny how appetite grows with the change in circumstances.  Being by myself and having a place to live I most likely be happy to live on $1K a month.  I still work but mood and view on life would be completely different.  I would be financially independent now.  However, in the world where I am now even $50K a year will not be enough.  So will keep pushing until I can.

On the personal front the last two months have been the happiest time on recent memory.


Fun Fact: The UK is going to increase retirement age by one year to 67 by 2028.
The poor of both sexes in England can only expect to live 52.3 and 51.4 years in “good” health respectively, compared with 70.7 and 71.2 years for the rich.
Self-assessment. 72 per cent of high-skilled white-collar workers (the rich) said they could do their current job at age 60, but only 44 per cent of lower-skilled manual workers (the poor).

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