This is list of blogs I read.

$mith Money   (Oz)

Dividend & Investing Inspiration - DivHut 

Moomin Valley (Oz)

EurFI – European way to Financial Independence  - on sabbatical 

Frugal Fortunes


  1. Hey Nite Rainbow,

    How do I get added to this list? I think I've got a lot of content that you would like!

    Passive Income Dude

    1. Hi Passive Income Dude,
      Thank you for stopping by. The list is primarily for myself, rather than anything else. If i find the blog I read regularly and it interests me I add it on the list. I will start reading yours.

  2. I added you to my blogroll as requested and asked for the same in return on yours... that was well over a month ago. Just a heads up that I'll be removing my backlink to your site soon if the favor isn't reciprocated.

    1. Hi Frugal,
      Thanks for the heads up! I have added your blog on the list. Apologies for the late response. I have been busy with a work assignments (travel two continents in past month)!