Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foundation of understanding.

Thank you for reading this blog.   Financial decisions are of a paramount importance.  When it comes to building personal fortress it is a long term goal. Long term is series of short terms.
This is what I want to put here: my financial journey - one step at a time.
Before I will start publishing all accumulated information over last two years I would to clarify intentions:
1. This website does not provide any financial advice or guidance.   Your position is unique and different and you have to seek a professional guidance before taking any actions.
2.  I am not promoting or suggesting anything. I will merely describe my thoughts and ideas. Reading this web site does not establish client -advisor relationships of any kind. In no case can I guarantee the performance of every product and service I discuss, and I am not liable for any of your loss from trying these products or services.
3. I am not endorsing anything in adverts appear on this web site.  This web site relies on income from the ads appearing here, use your own judgment and seek professional advice prior taking any actions.
 4. I will make efforts to prevent any possible infringement of copyright of the authors and publishers regarding the materials presented on this website. However, should any person or legal entity believe that they have rights in this matter, they are requested to contact me..
5. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Unauthorized reproduction and publication in whatever way or form, either mechanical, electronic, by copy, recorded or in any other way, without written permission by the publisher and the owner of the rights is prohibited.

Thank you again.

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