Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family budget comparison over three years 2007 through end 2010.

Non-inflation adjusted table:

 A few observations:
Child is growing and kindergarten fee is supposed to be lower, but they keep increasing fee annually, so really there is not much of a difference.
I joined a different project in my company and now medical insurance is provided covering the whole family free of charge, so we managed to save some money there. 

Percentage wise of the total:

 Note: Year 2007-2008 is a bit out of balance with the rest as we did not go on vacation that year. 

Graphs - our family budget 3 year comparison chart:
Three years average:

 Over last three years we manage to save 40-50% of our annual after tax income,  if we manage to do so this year I see no reason to limit our current spending habits.  

Of course every little helps, but at the moment the intent is to maintain balance and enjoy the life as well.

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