Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family budget 2011 – US $71,5 k – above target of US $65 k.

Results for year 2011 are a bit early, but for one simple reason – we are on a move, hence there is a lot of expenses associated with it (luckily most of them picked by new employer).

Pictures tell thousand words, so I simply present all information in a table and a graph with some notes to them:

If we would continue to live like for the rest of 2011 we would end-up spending US $ 71,5 k this year, which is way above targeted US $ 65 k.

Main contributing factors were: US $4,5 k family weekly trip to California, US $ 1,6 k new laptop for my wife.

Comparison with the previous  years expenditures (US $):

Family budget graphical illustration (in US k):

Percentage comparison:

  Family budget - percentage per category - where it goes :  

 So the remaining differences are : US $ 3,5 k for accommodation, 0,8 k car repairs, 1,0 k dentist, 0,8 k additional money on gas. Grand total: US $ 6,1 k the difference from previous year.

Perhaps moving to a better apartment was not wise financial decision, but it was very good and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Penny for your thought. 

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