Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 2011 update ($ 156,000 , +$ 9,000 (+7.6%))

My goal for this year was to accumulate $40 K USD a year and invest them.  

 I will be concentrating on stocks (mutual funds).  Yes, ideally I should do in small increments, every month. So I will do a one off lump sum transfer next year and then in equal  portions afterwards.

#1 Emerging market mutual fund  - the stock market plunged -21,8% , on top of it the currency lost additional 11% against USD, making total loss of $ 9,000 or -30%.
#2 The company shares lost -5%,  Euro & Pound sterling  lost about 3,5% of their value against USD.
#3 Without the additional savings, I would lost 6,6% of my portfolio or $10,000.  But because I accumulated additional $19,000 it shows me nearly $9,000 in black.
#4 Although I am not big fan of the precious metals, their did appreciate a lot recently, which kept my portfolio afloat.  

I keep adding the money, but the market goes down and/or the currency and this is all without taking inflation into account. I need to think what to do next.

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