Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012 update ($182,600 +$13,000 or +7,0%).

I have managed to accumulate another  $3,400 towards my annual investment goal and  this year I was paid a small bonus at work. After a few small presents I decided to invest it all (around $10,000).
The portfolio changes:
Emerging market securities were down 1,5%
The energy company stock is down about 3,7%
Cash contribution of $13,400

     While procrastinating whether or not to spend the money on the stock I put my shares in a savings account, interest on which vary daily, but at the moment hovering above 2% a year.
     In the long term, at the current market performance such small (relatively to the target) injections make very little difference, but I cannot help it - I want my financial independence badly.

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  1. Pretty nice boost to your investments dude. Maybe the stock market will continue to climb like in the last couple months.