Friday, February 3, 2012

January 2012 update ($169,600 +$4,000 or +2,0%)

I have managed to accumulate another  $3,400 towards my annual investment goal , which had been the only growth contributor.

The portfolio balanced itself:
↓ precious metals lost 5.5% of their value.
↓ Euro is down due to overspending by some of the zone countries.
↑ the emerging markets securities  were up 6%.
↑the company shares were up and $100 of dividends were reinvested in the same stock (+2 shares).

The currencies exchange rates:
There has been about $3,600 nearly forgotten on old current accounts. I have decided to close them and use it for investment.
I have very conservative stand at the moment. Due to the presidential election in the USA this year, I expect that the politicians will pump quite a lot of money  everything should look rosy, the challenge will be 2013.

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