Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 2012 update ($188,475 -$300 or -0,16%).

The portfolio changes:
I have invested $55 K from the cash pot left for investments.  I consider this as positive, as position was stable but have not generated any meaningful growth so far.
Company shares lost about 2% of their value
Emerging markets lost 5% of their value.
Gold went up 13%

Observation from March 2012:
- Some of the negative return is due to EUR lost 4% and RUB lost 7% to USD from  March.  In real terms I invested $6,6 K but my nest egg has dropped by $300.
- My cumulative loss in emerging markets $4,8 K.
- My cumulative loss due to EUR slide is $3,2 K.
- Cumulative gain due to GBP strengthening is $1,5K.

In overall I am glad that I diversified my portfolio - currency and structure wise.


  1. That is one heck of a gold warchest! How come you denominate it in RUB?

    1. Hi Invest It Wisely,
      I happened to work over there at the time. I thought it is good opportunity to invest in one of the BRICS countries.