Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 2012 update (224,500 +20,100 or +9%)

It has to be highlighted that the change is for the last 3 months, rather than one.

The portfolio changes:
Accumulate additional $17,100 as part of my annual savings plan (just slightly over three months worth of savings)
The stocks went down by €1,500
Mutual funds went down by  $100
$ is weaker towards €, £ and RUB the additional gain from those currencies overweight the stock market losses.

Diversity into various currencies at work:
- Emergency fund gained $2,100 without going anywhere.
- €/$ exchange rate compensated for €1,500 loss in the stock market
- $/RUB - gave additional $900 gain.


  1. That is some sick savings rate FI. Congrats on the net worth increase. Too bad the stock markets, even in Europe, didn't react very positively to the US election results. But I'm sure equities will pick up again in 2013 :0)

  2. Hi Liquid,

    Thank for stopping by. Many thanks for the flattering comments but at the current rate I could only achieve financial independence in 30+years.

  3. I always enjoy stopping by people's sites who are also on a journey to reach financial independence.

    Good to see you have a sizeable chunk of cash in your portfolio to take advantage of the impending pull back in stocks. I also notice your holdings of gold and platinum...are they actual precious metals, if so why are they denominated in roubles? Just wondering that's all, thanks for sharing your portfolio.

    Best of luck!