Friday, September 27, 2013

September 2013 update ($295,500 +$35,480 or + 14%)

The portfolio changes:
Accumulated additional 3,500 USD as part of recreating my Emergency fund.
Vanguard Energy ETF up by 1,100 USD
Vanguard 500 Index up by 200 USD
GazProm shares are up by 19,800 USD
Gazprom annual dividends  USD 6,070, after paying dividends at 10% rate. It is 3.5% dividends.
Rosneft shares are up by 2,200 USD
Rosneft annual dividends  USD 410, after paying dividends at 10% rate. It is 2.7% dividends.
EUR is up towards USD. For my portfolio it means additional 2,300 USD
GBP is up towards USD. Additional 100 USD.
Grand total additions:  35,680 USD

Precious metals lost 200 USD
Grand total losses are 200 USD

- The portofolio starts to generate some additional cash in a way of the dividends.  It is slightly less than expected, as Gazprom and Rosneft shares are up.  At the original cost Gazprom shares generated 3.7% and Rosneft is 3.3%.
- Mainly the portfolio is in Energy sector and requires diversification. Goal is to select appropriate investment vehicle to achieve this.

In overall, I am happy with my portfolio. It generates just over 2% after taxes in dividends. 


  1. Brilliant how well Gazprom is doing :) I wish I had some of their stocks too. Probably too late to buy in now lol. It's nice to see Europe and Russia still outputting good economic data. Do you know which other sector you would like to diversify into first? I tend to like telecom/wireless and other utilities right now :) Tech isn't overly valued right now though. I've been thinking about buying some Qualcomm for example. I have a friend here in Canada who has almost the same portfolio value as you do, but she has totally different holdings lol. It's interesting to see different investment approaches by people in different countries.

  2. Hi Liquid,
    Thank you for stopping by. I am quite positively impressed with the way the stock grew. However I do not give in hopes to achieve financial independence before average retirement age. For that I need to focus on the dividends, rather then portfolio size.
    I haven't thought about particular sector yet. I am thinking about European markets. The pension plans recently changed from final salary to defined contributions. The former were mainly invested in bonds, while later in stocks. For that reason I expect the stocks grew in mid term (next 5-15 years). On other hand investing in an ETF will help to diversify risks.
    Thank you for sharing the friend's web site. It is indeed very interesting to read. I think the portfolio is very diversified. I wish I would have the same depth of knowledge about the wide spectrum of the companies.