Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2014 update ($319,876 +$23,290 or +8%)

Accumulated $4,000 as part of my annual saving goal
Vanguard ETF is up by $300
Vanguard S&P 500 is up by $400
Gazprom stocks are up by $23,248
Rosneft shares are up $532
 Grand total additions: US$ 28,480

EUR is down to USD, represented loss of $4,118
GBP is down to USD, represented loss of $725
Gold is down by $347
 Grand total losses: US$ 5,190
-         I have another 6 months to accumulate money, as part of my annual savings goal to financial independence. This year target is $ 370 K by end of the year.  Current forecast about additional $24K in savings, $ 9 K in the dividends. So if current share price stay the same I will be short $17K at the end of the year or 5%.  So I need to figure out how to get additional $17 K to reach my annual goal.


  1. Great progress for the first half of the year. Maybe the stock market will continue to perform strong and give you that 5% you need :) I'm planning to make some fixed income investments soon. The strategy is to give my portfolio more stability. It appears to me that gold has a pretty safe floor at $1200 USD. I plan to increase my holdings in gold whenever it dips below that level.

    1. Hi Liquid. Thank you for stopping by and the encouragement. I do not really want to depend on the wind that blowing (i.e. market growth).
      Particularly with me investing in dividend companies towards my financial independence.
      I have very small amount invested in precious metals myself. It certainly creates a lot of stability for portfolio, however if I want some of it, I would rather go for a bond ETF in emerging markets.
      Perhaps when I am closer to the financial independence target I would re-allocate the assets. As far as I could see it gold does not work, it just sits there. I am talking this without having mortgage and should I have one one day, I certainly consider creating emergency fund using precious metals.
      My plan to reach additional $17 K is by either curtailing the family budget or getting a bonus, second job to achieve that. I really need to stay on track this year.