Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 2015 update ($ 272,888 -$15,702 or - 5%)

Accumulated $4,000 USD as part of my annual saving goal for January
Invested additional 7,080 in the Company share plan and got the at 25% discount worth of $8,665
Received  $48 for Vanguard Emerging markets ETF and $179 for S&P500, which is roughly 1.5% each after taxes.
Vanguard S&P500 ETF gained $1,690
Vanguard emerging markets ETF gained $354
Grand total additions: US$ 14,936

EUR lost $10,050 towards USD. Year to year EUR lost 17%
GBP lost $2,293 towards USD. Year to year EUR lost 11%
Gazprom shares lost $11,330
Company shares lost $265
Rosneft shares lost $3,720
Gold lost $2,980
Grand total losses: US$ 30,638 Financial Independence update January 2015

-         There is three major drivers dragging portfolio worth down – currency wars (EUR, GBP) and oil prices affecting Gazprom & Rosneft evaluation. 
-         It is expected that many high paid jobs will be axed soon, as existing oil price affects capital expenditure.
-         I will wait for the market correction until I start exiting cash. 
-      Current portfolio generates about 3% after taxes in dividends.

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