Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 2015 update ($315,320 +$37,699 or +14%)

Accumulated $4,000 USD as part of my annual saving goal for March
Vanguard S&P500 is up $1,155
Vanguard Emerging markets is up $1,260
Gazprom shares are up $22,680
Company shares are up $580
Rosneft shares up $1,323
EUR is slightly up to USD $3,995
GBP is slightly up to USD  $2,706
Grand total additions: US$ 37,699

-         Assuming that market is stabilized forecast towards end of the year ~ $352 K including any possible dividends, while if you follow the plan it should be around $420K in the money of the day at the very least. Practically this would mean ~38K below the target. Almost a year wiped out since the inception.
-         We have some turbulent time at  work and I was informed that need to find a new project to move to by end of the year. This may look like a generous advance notice, however for our industry and company it is almost nothing.  When it happens you remind yourself again, that in the good times aim to do reasonable savings for a raining day.


  1. Nice, you're back over $300K again. What a great bounce back from last month. :) Hope the new project you're moving onto will be rewarding.

  2. Hi Liquid. Thank you for stopping by. On my way to financial independence sometimes I got quite confused myself, getting excited about the nest egg worth. I try not to think about it, focusing on the return and replacement of my expenses only. There is still time to achieve it, admittedly I have a much sober look just now.