Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 2015 update ($295,536 -$7,218 or -2%)

↑ Accumulated $4,000 USD as part of my annual saving goal for December
↑ Received 4 additional Company shares for re-invested dividends ($0.47 USD per share before taxes or 5% annual dividends).
↑ Precious metals went up by $318 USD
↑ EUR appreciated to USD by 4% or $6,725 USD for my portfolio.
Grand total additions:  $11,044 USD

↓Emerging markets lost 6% or $763 USD
↓Vanguard S&P500 lost 2% or $1,049
↓ GazProm shares lost 12% or $12,720
↓ Company shares combined lost $1,264 USD or 8%
↓ Rosneft lost 14% or $1,224 USD
↓ iShares Core Dax lost 5% or $583
↓ GBP lost to USD 2% or $657 for my portfolio
Grand total losses:  US$  18,261

 This month I am introducing new monthly financial independence net worth reporting.
It will have last two months figures, year to day and rolling 12 months.  This should be more representative and visible of what is happening:
Financial Independence - monthly net worth update. December 2015 -

-  Energy companies continue to depreciate, following oil & gas prices. Depending on the market perception the loss is between 10 to 14%.
-  Strong dollar will make it hard for international /multinational companies ( US and EU companies with presence abroad) to maintain profits same as last year.
-  Strong dollar led to withdrawal money from the Emerging markets.

All and all this is a leading indicator that demand for raw materials is falling and general slowdown in economy is expected next year.  
On year to year basis my portfolio is up by 22,649 (however $48 K has been invested and $5K dividends reinvested, making overall loss of $30,351 USD). 
Two main contributors:
-  Decline in GBP and EUR to USD (7% and 2% respectively).
-  Energy & Emerging markets  companies loss of value.

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