Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 2016 update ($375,360 +$13,935 or +4%)

Gazprom shares went up by 13% or $14,715 for my portfolio.
Vanguard Emerging markets ETF went up  by 10% or $6,050.
Company shares went up by 4% or $814.
iShares core DAX wen up 3% or $545.
Vanguard Emerging markets ETF went up by $33.
GBP went up to USD by 4%, for my portfolio it is $1,788.
Grand total additions:  $23,945
iShares Emerging markets sovereign debt ETF (IEMB )  lost 4% or $960
Emerging markets corporate bond ETF (EMCR) lost 3% or $1,440
Precious metals are down by 3% or $285
EUR lost to USD 3%,  for my portfolio it is $7,324

Grand total losses:  $ 10,009

Financial independence from the very beginning (

-         There has been no further savings towards my financial independence, as I have not figured out how to do it on the new salary.  I hope it will become clearer in the next year as part of the goal setting.
-         The US is in a hope to be on a pragmatic course with focus on economy. S&P 500 is up by 10% and the dollar is up to GBP and EUR. This also affected Gazprom, which shares went up by 13%. Gazprom has not changed its course and energy prices are the same.  Change in price is purely emotional and set on further expectations.
-         Western Europe bears load of sanctions and EUR continues to slide.  German index (DAX) is down 6% on year to year basis.
-         British conservators revealed that in 2021 real salaries in the UK will be lower than in 2008.  Currently the real salaries are 9% lower than they were in 2008.  Western European governments are desperate to unleash inflation so at least notional salaries will create mirage of stable or “growing” economy. However this only affects low and middle income families.  If militaristic and politicking continues in EU its currency (Euro) is likely to be 1:1 or lower to US dollar and ordinary people will suffer more.
-         Some of my financial goals for this year have been reached: $24K accumulated, portfolio is above $350K, dividends $8K accumulated. Some things to do: less than 5% in cash (currently 12%).

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