Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 update ($386,711 -$1,120 or -0.3%)

Vanguard Emerging markets ETF is up by 6% or $882
Rosneft shares went up by 2% or $221 for my portfolio.
iShares core DAX wen up 2% or $378
iShares Emerging markets sovereign debt ETF (IEMB )  is up by 1% or $300
iShares Emerging markets  Corporate bonds ETF (EMCR) is up by 2% or $880
Precious metals are up by 7% or $686
Grand total additions:  $3,347
Vanguard S&P500 ETF is down 1% or $945
Gazprom shares are down 2% or $2,835
Company shares are down by 3% or $687
Grand total losses:  $ 4,467My open wallet towards Financial Independence - Janury 2017 update
  • I am putting aside about $500 towards tax efficient scheme but the final results are only visible one a year, i.e. in 12 months time. This is not a lot by any stretch of imagination, however when I look at pensioners I realise that every dollar counts!
  • People are getting a little bit nervous about EU future and increasing short term positions in precious metals.
  • I am looking for the options to move to low cost funds and consolidate my portfolio into 3-4 holdings only, with automatic re-investment option.

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    Very detailed income statement, congrats. :) I loved your blog, will stick around : ) Check mine out :)