Monday, February 27, 2017

February 2017 update ($389,939 +$3,228 or +1%)

Vanguard Emerging markets ETF is up by 4% or $567
Vanguard S&P500 ETF is up by 4% or $2,993
iShares core DAX wen up 1% or $273
iShares Emerging markets sovereign debt ETF (IEMB )  is up by 2% or $399
iShares Emerging markets  Corporate bonds ETF (EMCR) is up by 1% or $546
Precious metals are up by 3% or $296
Dividends Vanguard Emerging markets  (VFEM) for Q4 2016 - $35
Dividends  Vanguard S&P 500 (VUSA) Q4 2016 - $270
Dividends  iShares EM MRK SOUV BD  - $209
Dividends  iShares EM MRK CORP BD  second quarter benefits - $924
EUR is up to USD by 2%, for my portfolio it is $5,081
GBP is up to USD by 1%, for my portfolio it is $358
Grand total additions:  $11,887

Rosneft shares are down by 19% or $2,205 for my portfolio.
Gazprom shares are down 5% or $5,670
Company shares are down by 3% or $784

Grand total losses:  $8,659

Personal way to financial independence - how to

-          I keep setting aside $500 a month towards a tax efficient scheme through a stock purchase programme. This is 8 times less than I used to be able to save. That brings an interesting question as I am working for the same company and putting about 3,000 hours a year of work…
-          I continue to investigate options on the investing with Vanguard directly, to minimize the expenses. It make take another month or so before I will make my mind.
-          The UK government recently decided to pull some of the pension fund money out of fossil fuel company and invest in renewables. My research on energy companies proven to be correct, as ExxonMobil cut its reserves by 19% percent as it revised away 3.5bn barrels of heavy bitumen at an oil sands project in Canada. Low oil and gas prices during 2016 meant that some of its assets no longer qualified as proved reserves. 

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