Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 2017 update ($390,514 +$10,514 or +3%)

Gazprom shares are up 5% or $5,778
            ↑ iShares core DAX is up 1% or $257
            ↑ iShares Emerging markets Sovereign debt ETF (IEMB ) is up by 1% or $200
            ↑ iShares Emerging markets Corporate debt ETF (EMCR) is up by 1% or $280
            ↑ EUR is up to USD by 2% or $4,961
            ↑ GBP is up to USD by 2% or $715
             Grand total additions:  $12,191
            ↓ Company shares are down by 2% or $500
            ↓ Vanguard S&P500 ETF is down by 1% or $803
            ↓ Rosneft shares are down by 4% or $449
             Grand total losses:  $1,752
Real life financial indepdence - millennials
-          2016 election in the US helped Western Europe to become a little bit more assertive and independent. Obama is not listening German chancellor Merkel personal mobile phone. Pro-business agenda helped to get approval for Gazprom Nord Stream-2 pipeline to provide reliable energy supply. Looking at tremors (aka earthquakes) in the Netherland due to Groningen gas field and restricted production, Nord Stream 2 will help to cover Western Europe needs and diversify from Norway.
-          2017 elections in France resulted in win of pro-globalism agenda aiming for install a 39-year old president, with his ex-school teacher as adviser and a wife. The UK has called for election as well and people in power hoping to ditch Brexit or compromise it by lengthy negotiation, taking the life out of it. Both factors helped EUR and GBP to raise by 2%.

An idea behind pro-globalism was to provide children (millennials) better life and the future.  In 2017 one third of 18-34 years old live with parents, 25% of them neither working nor going to school.
Millennial hold triple amount of debt in comparison with previous generation, reducing their chances to get on a property ladder.  Millennials in Western Europe is no better off.
Conclusion:  not only have young people (18-34) suffered from lower wages, but the two main types of assets which people accumulate during their lives, housing and pensions, have both become much less affordable over the last couple of decades. No wonder we are not saving as much as previous generation – we are simply starting worse off and pay gap between management and the rest is keep growing and growing.

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