Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017 update ($429,446 +$11,446 or +3%)

Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up  by 1.6% or $1,764
Eurozone Stock Index Fund is up by 1.7% or $1,934
US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by 1.3% or $1,342
Global Small Cap Index is up by 0.3 or $301
EUR is up to USD by 3% or $6,102
Grand total additions:  $11,446

-          Aspreviously stated I decided to simplify my investment portfolio and put the money in a low cost growth funds, rather than the cash engines.  Since converting everything in May I invested $ 418 K, which month later is roughly $429 K.  The $11K gain is equally split between growth and EUR growth to USD. Elections in France are over and the candidate representing corporations and private businesses won. This increased confidence in the local currency.
-          I keep saving some small amount of money ($250-400) every month. I do not want to be obsessed with it as materially it does not make a big difference to the portfolio, so I will include it in annual update.
-          We also bought a house which represents some equity and we keep increasing it by paying off principal every month at about $1,500.  I will publish a post and keep you updated on developments.  I have a different point of view from current paradigm. The house is a place where we planning to live. We do not plan to sell it and if do, we always need one straight away.  Having a house will not contribute to the nest egg but will improve the cash flow, once the house is paid off (20 years from now). The mortgage paying off tracking will be reported separately from monthly financial independence updates.

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