Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December 2017 update ($482,266 +$10,073 or +2%)

Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up by 2.6 % or +$3,318
US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by 1.4% or $1,574
Global Small Cap Index is up by 0.8% or $873
EUR is up to USD by 2% or $4,243 for my portfolio.

Grand total additions:  $10,073
Financial Independence - December 2017 update - http://www.niterainbow.com

-    There is a strong competition for the investors money between S&P500 and Emerging markets.  These and companies with small capitalization ($300 million to $2 billion).
- Western Europe although becoming more assertive, with EUR exchange rate to USD is up  by 13% this year, still far away from its previous glorious days. Perhaps with the UK out of single market and eastern Europeans countries kept at bay there is brighter future for the main drivers next year (Germany, France, Italy).

Fun fact:  The authors of “The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-2015” show that that rich people holding assets tend to get richer faster than the economy grows, fuelling inequality. From a (very) long-term perspective equities and housing have produced similar returns since 1870, averaging out at about 7 per cent per annum across 16 countries. Equity markets around the world have become tightly interlinked with each other: country co-movements rose from 0.4 in the middle of the previous century to 0.8 this decade.
But if the past 145 years are any guide to the future, it can be a dangerous mistake to assume that “safe” assets will always be boring in the long term, let alone a reliable hedge against individual country risk. Investors forget that at their peril.

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