Tuesday, December 5, 2017

November 2017 update ($472,192 +$446 or +0%)

US 500 Stock Index Fund is up by 3% or $3,216
Global Small Cap Index is up by 2.2% or $2,372
Grand total additions:  $5,588

Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is down by 2.1 % or -$2,757
Eurozone Stock Index Fund is down by 1.9 % or -$2,386
Grand total losses: $5,143

-          Balancing between emerging markets and the USA has proven to be the right choice. Losses in the emerging markets and western europe  are offset by the growth in the USA.  Going forward the USA will try to recover from the perceived  disadvantage it was put by its former partners in the developed world, economically wise.
-          With the tax breaks aimed at corporations and the rich, I should try to invest in the stock market, even a little.  The main reason is that the wages are not going to grow for the majority of the people, with the raging inequality ahead. The only way to get a share of the future growth is by joining the rich in the stock market.
Fun fact: The taxes are a working man burden. Half of western europe’s billionaires have inherited their wealth. Facebook paid under $10,000 corporation tax in the UK in 2015 - less than a UK worker on $45,000 salary, despite making $150 million from advertising and other sales.

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