Thursday, September 1, 2022

August 2022 update ($728,894 -$17,915 or -2.4%)

↑ Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund is up by $1,054 or +0.8%
↑ Growth fund is up by 1,014 or +1.6%
Grand total additions:  $2,068

↓ Eurozone Stock Index Fund is down by $3,903 or -3.3%
↓ US 500 Stock Index Fund is down by $8,164 or -2.7%
↓ Global Small Cap Index is down by $3,038 or -2.2%
↓ EUR is down to USD by 2.0%, so for my portfolio its $4,821
Grand total losses: $19,926 USD

August 2022 Financial Independence

Observations:   EUR has reached historical low – parity with American dollar. Last time this happened twenty years ago and prior two that in 1986.  European Union economy is in a free fall – real inflation is  over 10%, and falling EUR will further fuel it.  Politiking in EU has accelerated rapidly leading to extreme damage to ordinary people lives.

 Fun Fact:   Government in the UK is unable to secure basic provisions for the coming winter.  We have a wood burner at home, which was put in place for fun and pleasure. It might be a life saver this winter.  The wood burner was able to keep first floor warm in the winter. I ordered 1m3 (1,00o pieces) of heat logs at 600 GBP and  120Kg of hardwood oak firewood at 130 GBP.  Total is about 900 USD.    For the six months we can use 6 heatlogs in the evening, to keep it warm and relatively cheap. The UK government forecasts natural gas heating will be over 300 GBP (360 USD) a month.

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