Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Financial Independence Goals

- Accumulate at least $47,000 (This is  40,000 in 2010 money)  or $4,000 a month for investments during 2014, beginning  2015.
- Portfolio to be at $370,000 by end of the year.
- Think about additional source of income.  My blog start bringing some measurable income but want to beef up with some streams.

- Regular monthly updates
- To cover 6 themes on financial independence.
- Create easy tracker for the long term portfolio performance.
I have no intentions to move towards an entertaining blog with 2-3 weekly posts.   I will endeavor my best efforts to stay on personal subject of financial independence and family budget.  

-  Create list of books to read  & read them- 12 books is minimum.
-  Publish the books reviews.

Family Budget:
- Stay under $84,000 with the family expenses
- Accumulate $7,000 towards durable goods replacement over 10 years.

Be happy.  Run 1,000 miles during the year.

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