Friday, November 27, 2015

November 2015 update ($302,754 -$4,084 or -1%)

Accumulated $4,000 USD as part of my annual saving goal for September
iShares Core DAX are up by 404 USD
Grand total additions: US$  4,404 USD

Emerging markets ETF lost $223 USD
Gazprom shares lost $1,325 USD
Company shares combined lost $236 USD
British pound is lost to USD 3% over one month, for my portfolio it is $2,521 USD
EUR lost to USD or $3,721 USD
Precious metals lost $462 USD

Grand total losses:  US$  8,488

Financial Independence - November 2015 monthly update -

- My goal was to add to my portfolio $48K USD or $40K USD in 2010 money. With one month away I am on track with monthly saving, but the money were lost. At theend of 2014 my portfolio was $288,608 at the end of this year it will be $306,754.
So the real difference is $18,000 while over $54,000 were invested. Not good performance, predominantly due to EUR to USD loss (15% on year to year basis, for portfolio it is almost $28 K loss).
- I managed to finish my running goal of 1,000 miles a month earlier.  Here is my real progress over the last three years, so everything is possible. 
Financial Independence fitness 2015 -

My personal experience with running that although it may be good for your heart, there is two things needs to be done for weight control:
-         Diet and changing eating habits.  At the end of the day it is balance: in vs. out.
-         You need muscles to burn more energy, running does not add much muscles.
However I start enjoy running very much and will continue to do it, just need to start adding more strengthening exercise and watch what I am eating. Eating habits are there for life. 


  1. Sorry for your financial losses. :(
    Maintaining a healthy diet is not easy these days with so much temptation from restaurants and grocery stores. Do you know your resting heart rate? They say the lower the better. :)

  2. Hi Liquid,
    Thank you for stopping by. As for of the losses, I do agree it is look grim but this is the currency I choose to report in.
    Almost all of the popular currencies lost to USD this year (Euro lost 15%, British point 6%, Canadian dollar 10%, Russian ruble - 19%, etc..).

    If we go away from the conversion, the net gain on year to year basis 13.6K EUR and 26.4K GBP, which represent $58.1 K USD at the beginning of the year exchange rate or $53,8 K at the end.

    The "loss" came from the exchange rate of my nest egg at the begging of the year and at the end due to the conversion (i.e. I had 171K EUR on 1st of January which was 212 K USD, the same next egg was $181K USD on the 2nd of December today).

    There is two learning from it: when calculating performance you need to look at the exchange rates to find out the truth, second learning invest only in your own currency, if it is stable and you are going to retire in the country.
    You stand to loose a lot going elsewhere towards your financial independence.

    As far as the hear rate goes, it was 120/75 in 2013, at the moment it is 90/60. The funny things is that I do not feel myself any healthier, to be perfectly honest. Maybe that it is the goal- to stay the same...