Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016 update ($361,425 -$6,613 or -2%)

First of I would like to apologise for missing September update. When I looked through the files I could not believe it that I did it.  That was completely unintentional. I accepted a new job, although it is half pay from what I used to have it took a lot of my attention and time  - 50 hours plus working week is a new normal.

↑ Gazprom shares went up by 6% or $5,600 for my portfolio.
↑ Company shares went up by 2% or $623 (including dividends reinvestment).
↑ Rosneft shares went up by  6% or $706.
↑ Emerging markets corporate bond ETF went up by $120.
↑ Dividends Emerging markets sovereign bond (IEMB ) – $192 or 5% annually.
↑ Dividends Vanguard Emerging markets  $196 -  or 1.9% annually.
↑ Dividends Vanguard S&P500 – $279  or 1.8% annually.
Grand total additions: $7,716

↓ Vanguard Emerging markets ETF lost 1% or $101.
↓ Vanguard S&P500 lost 3% or $1,680.↓ iShares core DAX lost 2% or $336.
↓ iShares Emerging markets sovereign debt ETF lost 2% or $560.
↓ Precious metals are down by 6% or $677.
↓ EUR lost to USD 3%,  for my portfolio it is $6,554.
↓GBP lost to USD 9%, for my portfolio it is $4,420.
Grand total losses:  $ 14,328.

October 2016 - Financial independence update -
-         I am still on target for this year.  Back in August I reinvested my Gazprom dividends into new shares and bought 2,000 at $4.09 (current price $4.2).
-         Russian oil giant Rosneft completed its acquisition of a 50.08% stake in Bashneft, paying  $5.29 billion for a majority stake in the mid-size regional Russian oil firm. The decision to bypass an auction and allow Rosneft to acquire the Bashneft shares directly is unlikely to affect the investment climate significantly, which remains steady and friendly environment.
-         British pound sterling lost 9% to USD last couple of month and 22% on year by year basis.   The UK parting with EU is becoming a soap opera and will likely to remain farce for the next couple of years, until the government will find a way either to reverse or null the referendum results.
-         I have not accumulated any money for the last two months towards my financial independence. New job is likely to be paycheck to paycheck with no workplace pension scheme for non EU citizens. I see whether I could put aside anything over the course of the year.
-         My bank is closing online trading accounts so I need to move my entire portfolio elsewhere. This is a challenge to find a good and cheap broker until end of the year.


  1. Finding a good and cheap broker is not a challenge - Interactive Brokers :)

    1. Hi eurfi. Many thanks for stopping by. Thank you for the advice!

      I am risk averse and not quite mentally ready to transfer my money away to institution which is not regulated locally and I could not visit in person. I likely to be looking for a large firm to put my money with focus on passive investment, with infrequent tradings. The only disappointment with them is limited option of what can be traded.