Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 update ($229,800 +$3,060 or +1%)

It has to be highlighted that the change is for the last 2 months, rather than one.

The portfolio changes:
Accumulate additional $7,000 as part of my annual savings plan ($42,000 a year or $3,500 a month)
Vanguard Energy ETF stocks are up $2,100
Vanguard Energy ETF 2012 dividends were $ 537 or $1.99 per share.  By default bank charged 10% income tax on the dividends, otherwise I would get $597.
↑ Emerging market mutual funds are up combined $450

Precisions metals lost $1,210
Company & Gazprom shares down combined $930 in spite of Q4 dividends reinvestment. Gazprom yet to pay dividends for 2012. Projected $0.23 per share - $4.34 or almost 5%.
GBP (£) lost to USD ($) almost 6% of its value. For me it presented a $4,700 loss.

The UK is lost its AAA rating and the forecast for the middle term period is little to no growth.  I expect that GBP (£) will loose some more of its value towards major currencies including the most important one - $.
 In overall the results are on target. No breakthroughs but are fully satisfactory.


  1. Nice job on the net worth. I heard about the rating downgrade but I think it's already priced into the £ on the currency markets. The good thing is we might see manufacturing and exports in the UK get stronger now :D

    1. Hi Liquid! Many thanks for stopping by. On my way to financial independence and freedom every little helps. Although on this occasion I feel that very little effort on my behalf, only some discipline.

      I have to confess - I am somewhat struggling to find inspiration delaying consumption at the current stock market returns.

  2. Nicely done! I always enjoy looking at your screenshots, though I'm more of a lazy man myself, I applaud your reporting.

  3. Good job! I don't do enough to track how well (or how badly) my investments do, I'm afraid. I'm pretty anal about keeping track of budget-type stuff, but I haven't gotten into the habit of tracking my investments in the same way.

  4. Prompt Retirement & OutlierModel - thank you both for the most flattering comments.

    I could only understand myself how am I doing by putting my results in the tables and words out.
    What I came to realize that the only way to achieve financial independence for me is if my investments perform well:

    As you could see from the last table in the post additional one percent of return over the years could buy me between 2-3 years early retirement. This is equivalent of investing additional $ 8 K over 20+ years in my case.

    However I haven't moved on further than tracking my performance. Hopefully I selected right key performance indicators for my portfolio.

  5. Looks like you had a great month! I love doing my net worth tallies for each month, but I don't break them down into this much detail---perhaps I should :)